Just CrossStitch - Volume 38, Issue 3 June 2020
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Just CrossStitch - Volume 38, Issue 3 June 2020

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Celebrate summer life! This June issue of Just CrossStitch features all your summertime favorites, from deep-colored blossoms to farmland fun. Plus, find the perfect gift ideas for weddings, housewarmings and more.
  • Summertime on the farm. Capture the essence of a pastoral summer as you stitch this classic farmhouse surrounded by grazing sheep and blossoming trees in the Happy Homestead pattern.
  • The perfect gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day! Stitch a modern pair of patterns featuring heart-shaped designs filled with classic names for mothers and fathers used around the world. Use you parents’ favorite colors to personalize their gifts while reminding them of your special bond.
  • From the garden to your needle. Bring the summer blooms inside as you continue the Flowers of the Month series. The soft pink and vibrant magenta petals will add a touch of summer colors to the collection.
Plus, you won’t want to miss the second part of the Christmas Shadowbox series featuring a cozy fireplace scene.

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