Just CrossStitch - Volume 39, Issue 1 February 2021
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Just CrossStitch - Volume 39, Issue 1 February 2021

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Chase away the chill with warm winter designs! Take a page out of nature and stitch dazzling snowflake designs in winter white or traditional themes in earthy tones fit for the hearth. Find 20+ patterns to keep cozy from snowy scenes to valentine hearts!
  • Icy designs! Frosty blues and charcoal grays blend harmoniously in intricate blackwork. A scattering of delicate beads and specialty stitches add extra dimension and texture to the Frosted Windows pattern. Select your favorite segment of the design to stitch into a beautiful handmade card!
  • Heartfelt gifts! Send someone a token of your love with this charming card and ornament set. In the With Love Set, two simple yet bold hearts take center stage. Simple finishing instructions make both projects easy to complete in time for love's favorite holiday.
  • Winter warmth! What better place to greet a chilly winter morning than in this magical cabin featured in the Warm Glow of Home design? Nestled amid snowdrifts against a backdrop of towering pines, the soft light from the cabin's windows beckons one inside for a cup of hot tea beside a roaring fire.
Plus, you won’t want to miss our “The Sampler Sleuth” feature! This article features an 1815 piece showcasing poetry and rich, historic symbols.

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