First Steps in Hardanger by Cross 'N Patch No. 130
Emie Bishop

First Steps in Hardanger by Cross 'N Patch No. 130

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Hardanger is one of the loveliest groups of stitches in a needleworker's library of techniques. Although it can be utilitarian and is strong enough to use on household linens and wearing apparel, when stitched on fine linen it becomes a piece of exquisite delicacy. Although many of the stitches used in Hardanger embroidery can be found in needlework carefully preserved throughout Europe, the group of stitches known as Hardanger was named for the region around Hardanger, Norway, where it flourished in the 1800's.

When combined with other techniques, Hardanger can add texture, dimension and elegance to a stitched piece. The tiniest piece of needlework can be the most treasured gift for someone who values handwork. This book takes you step-by-step through the basics of Hardanger while allowing you to create small projects for yourself or for someone else to treasure. 

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