16 ct Aida "Witches Brew" - Mystic Fabrics - Cross Stitch Fabric
Mystic Fabrics

16 ct Aida "Witches Brew" - Mystic Fabrics - Cross Stitch Fabric

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This is a bold, dramatic color combination in most fabric types. Witches Brew is a combination of Green and Orange, the Brown shown is a natural mixture of the 2. Similar to DMC 369, 3824, and 535. 100% cotton


Fat Quarter: 27" x 17"

Please note the image may not perfectly represent the color of the fabric, due to differences in cameras, monitors, and lighting.

All Mystic Fabric fabrics are dyed with fiber reactive dyes. There is a permanent bond between the color and the fabric. Fabrics may lose a little bit of color during the wash. Cold water should always be used. I recommend using a Color Catcher sheet when you wash your project. If you have a dark fabric, it is ok to prewash to help ensure all excess dye was removed. Hot water will release excess dye. For more tips on washing Mystic Fabric fabrics, click here.

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