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Mani di Donna

A Summer Day Box - Mani di Donna - Cross Stitch Pattern

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Recommended Fabric: Weeks Dye Works 36ct - Beige (9x13" inches for each color)
Recommended Floss: Romy’s Creations - Red Devil, Stacy’s Primitive blue, Geolden Heart, River Rock, Coffee, Mommy’s Mustard, Simona’s Iris, Golden Heart, & White Chantilly
Recommended Embellishments: Dames of the Needle Mini Pom Pom Trim - Grunge
Recommended Finish: Lone Elm Lane King Crown Box (10"X10" W/ 8"X8" design area) - Brick Red

Accessory Pack Includes:

  • 3 pins
  • 2 waxers

Select Pattern Only, Pattern + Accessory Pack, Pattern + Scissor Fob, or Pattern + All Items (Includes accessory pack & scissor fob)