Crone on the Hill

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From the designer: "This design came about when I told my middle daughter, Sabrina, that most of our original neighbors had moved out of the circle we live on. My house is at the very top of the circle, which happens to sit on an upward slope. Because of this, Sabrina said to me, 'Well I guess you're just the old crone on the hill then, aren't you?' Of course, she was only teasing me, but it made me laugh so hard, and I suddenly had the idea for this design."

Recommended fabric: R&R Reproductions 36ct - Vintage Beeswax

Recommended threads: Weeks Dye Works - Roasted Fig, Mascara, Sweet Potato, Parchment, Pecan, Oscar, & Graphite / DMC Alts - 300, 310, 400, 644, 780, 3011, & 3787

Classic Colorworks - Hickory Sticks / DMC Alt - 3021

DMC - 420, 645, 647, & 950

Stitch Count: 116W x 72H

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