Dog's Declaration - Ink Circles - Cross Stitch Pattern
Ink Circles

Dog's Declaration - Ink Circles - Cross Stitch Pattern

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When we asked the dogs what their inalienable rights were, they said they were already pretty darn happy, so they opted for “Pursuit of Squirrels” on their list instead. In fact, pursuing squirrels, birds, and the like was one of the very reasons for their notable happiness. This sampler features a wide variety of pups and enough acorn-eaters to keep them occupied while you stitch.

Recommended fabric: Picture This Plus 36ct - Tycho

Recommended threads: Valdani - P1, P2, P6, P8, JP5, JP7, JP9, P10, P12, H203, O31, O512, O513, O518, O526, & O571 

DMC Alternatives - 3777, 3011, 3776, 3722, 758, 3856, 3053, 3041, 3882, 500, 926, 3860, 632, 3781, 520, & 435

Stitch Count: 243W x 315H

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