Everything Becomes New Again Embroidery Kit
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Everything Becomes New Again Embroidery Kit

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After months of a long, dark winter, one of the most life giving things to see are the flashes of brilliant green that begin to appear in Oregon’s temperate rainforest as spring approaches: spring tips on Douglas-firs, noble firs, and spruces. new growth coming in, reaching out for light, and reminding every living thing that everything becomes new again.

This embroidery kit includes:

  • 1 DMC embroidery needle

  • 5 skeins of DMC embroidery floss

  • A 12-page instruction booklet, which will show you how to do each stitch and guide you through the pattern.

  • A piece of cotton fabric

  • The pattern to be transferred over with instructions for transferring

  • 7” wooden embroidery hoop

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