It's All Relative
It's All Relative
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It's All Relative

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A Father's Love - "A father's love warms the hearts of his children forever."
I'm a Lucky Mom - "(name), I'm so proud of the person you've grown up to be and feel so lucky that your mom is me."
To My Husband - "Seasons change and years go by, We've weathered blue skies as well as storms. Sometimes our love is taken for granted; Deep emotions aren't easy to express. But they come to us in memories, in tender hugs and family times that bring us happiness. This is just my way of telling you how very much I care, and that I'll love you even more with every year we share."
My Brother - "My brother is a special friend who lends me the warmth of his shoulder both gentle and strong. He puts the music in laughter we've shared dreams of lifelong. He's someone who's there for me no matter what or when and every time I'm with him it's like coming home again."
Wonderful Sister - "A wonderful sister, a special friend, that's what you've been to me, so much a part of lovely times I hold in memory."
Grandparents - "You put the GRAND in Grandpa (or Grandma)."
Walking with Great-Grandma - "I like to walk with great-grandma. Her steps are short like mine. She doesn't say 'Now hurry up,' she always takes her time. Most people have to hurry, they do not stop and see the flowers, birds and sunshine that make each day a treat. I'm glad that God made Great-Grandma unhurried and young like me."
Aunt/Uncle, My Friend - "How blessed I am, How fortunate I've been that you are my ____ and also my friend."

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