Flosstube Episodes 1-14

Flosstube Episodes 1-14

Here are our first fourteen Flosstube videos. What's Flosstube? It's the nickname for needlework enthusiasts who post videos on YouTube. Here we can share our projects and lives, and in a few folks' cases, our shop updates too. Some of our earlier videos have some audio issues, so bear with us because they do improve as we go on and get the hang of audio editing.

Not sure what an FFO is? Aren't UFOs those things that aliens fly? Check out this handy glossary for stitchers' jargon by Caterpillar Cross Stitch to find out more.

Episode List:

1) We Bought a Cross Stitch Shop

2) Updates, WIPS, & More

3) Stitch-Up Report, News, & More

4) Summer Colds & New Stuff

5) Satsuma Street Unboxing & News

6) A Bit of News & a Shop Addition

7) Halloween Season Starts Now

8) New Designers & a Minor Disaster

9) Subversive Cross Stitch, Website News, & More!

10) Halloween Finds

11) Fall Arrivals & News

12) ...And We're Back!

13) Roadtrip Edition

14) Halloween Plans

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