Hand-Dyed Fabrics FAQ

The hand-dyed fabric I ordered is smaller than the usual dimensions for a quarter/an eighth. What's up with that?

Fabric shrinks in the dyeing and washing processes! We order yards, and typically we get pieces with varying lengths; they're rarely actually 36 inches long, though they started out that length before dyeing.

But! The fabric shrinks proportionally, so as weird as it may sound, the stitch count is the same as it would be on the same cut of undyed fabric.

So, as an example, a 10 x 10 inch piece of 14 ct Aida has 140x140 stitches. After dyeing, that fabric may now be 9 x 9 inches, but it still has 140x140 stitches. Basically, it has shrunk to maybe a 15 ct fabric.

If you need a specific size of fabric for a pattern and already have the fabric in your hands, you can lay it out with a ruler and count the holes to get the new stitch count. If you haven't ordered it from us yet, feel free to contact us and we'll do a quick count for you!

The piece of fabric I received looks different from the photos in your shop. What gives?

Since the fabrics are hand-dyed, each piece is going to be completely unique! Some colorways have more variation than others, too, so cuts from the same yard may look very different. If you're ordering a fabric with lots of variation and want to be sure you get a piece with more of a certain color or shade, you can let us know in your order notes, and we'll do our best to get you what you're looking for.

The fabric color looks pretty different from what's on your website. Why is that?

It's really difficult to convey true to life color through photography and websites. My camera takes a photo that looks slightly different from what I can see with my eyes, and I edit the image to try to get it as close to real life as I can. But your monitor or phone may display the color differently than mine did.

This is why we use DMC floss to try to match the fabric colors. That way, you can pull out that floss and get an idea of how close the fabric will be to that color. It's not a perfect system, but we've found it very helpful.