Pre-Order New Patterns!

Pre-Order New Patterns!

You know that sinking feeling when you go to your local needlework shop looking for a brand-spanking new pattern, and you're super excited, but when you get there... it's out of stock.

Well, we've solved your problem. You can now pre-order new patterns right through The Starlight Stitchery's online store!

How it works: When you pre-order a pattern, we will order that pattern specifically for you from our distributor. Since we have to wait for that order to arrive, pre-ordered patterns will take 1-2 weeks to ship out to you (though if we already have that pattern in stock at the shop, it will ship out within the next business day!).

We're constantly adding new items to our Pre-Orders category, so check back often! You can also follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our email newsletter to get updates.

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