Pride Charity Bundle - Accountability

Welcome! You've found the accountability page for the Pride Charity Bundle, a collaborative effort between The Starlight Stitchery and The Stitchers Collective.

Every Friday during June, starting with June 2nd, we will be posting screenshots of the bundle's sales numbers for full transparency about our process. On July 1st, we will post a screenshot of the total proceeds of the bundle along with screenshots of donation receipts to Rainbow Railroad and Transgender Law Center.

Graphic reading "The Stitchers Collective and The Starlight Stitchery present the Pride cross stitch charity bundle benefiting Rainbow Railroad and the Transgender Law Center. 16 Designs, $10 minimum donation." The word Pride has stripes with the colors of the progress pride flag.

June 2

As of 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time on June 2nd, we've sold 588 bundles for a running total of $8,382.34.

Note: The discounts listed are from orders that included other items; our host doesn't allow us to exclude specific products from discounts. The Starlight Stitchery will cover the amount of all discounts in the final donation.

June 9

As of 12 pm PDT on June 9th, we have sold 798 bundles for a running total of $11,537.65.

Screenshot of Shopify sales numbers
Screenshot of Etsy sales stats

June 16

As of 10 am PDT on June 16th, we have sold 874 bundles for a running total of $12,662.65.

June 23

As of 10 am PDT on June 23rd, we have sold 933 bundles for a running total of $13,575.65.

June 30

As of 12 am PDT, we sold a total of 1051 bundles for a final total of $15,028.83. The donations will be made the morning of July 1!

Donation Receipts

It's donation day! To make the numbers even, I rounded up to a total of $15,030, so Rainbow Railroad and Transgender Law Center both received $7,515. Here are screenshot receipts from today:

Rainbow Railroad donation receipt

Transgender Law Center donation receipt