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Tiny Modernist

Christmas Snow Globe Part 1 - Tiny Modernist - Cross Stitch Pattern

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Recommended Fabric:Wichelt Linen 28ct - Golden Needle

Recommended Floss (entire series): DMC - Blanc (3), 647 (2), 783, 353, 350, 964, 3848 3345, & 844

You may also choose to use a few (or all) of the specialty Classic Colorworks (CCT) and Weeks Dye Works (WDW) floss instead of DMC (the model is stitched using  CCT & WDW floss):
1. WDW1299 Porpoise instead of DMC647 (4x 5yds skeins)

2. CCT-071 Sassy Brass instead of DMC783 (3x 5yds skeins) 

3. CCT-129 Cobbled Peach instead of DMC353 (1x 5yds skeins) 

4. WDW2245 Grapefruit instead of DMC350 (2x 5yds skeins) 

5. CCT-020 Lettuce Leaf instead of DMC964 (2x 5yds skeins) 

6. WDW2135 Turquoise instead of DMC3848 (1x 5yds skeins) 

7. CCT-242 Mistletoe instead of DMC3345 (2x 5yds skeins) 

8. CCT-004 Black Coffee instead of DMC844 (2x 5yds skeins)
Note: You will still need to use DMC Blanc if you choose to use fancy floss.

Stitch Count: 129W x 180H