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Tiny Modernist

Hello Spring (Part #2) - Tiny Modernist - Cross Stitch Pattern

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Recommended Fabric: 
Wichelt Aida 14ct - Navy

Recommended Floss:DMC - B5200 (x2), 3822, 3820, 436, 3716, 335, 3831, 913, 3348, 3347 (x2), & 3799

Designer suggested overdyed substitutions:

Classic Colorworks:
1. CCT-013 Finlay Gold instead of DMC3822(2x 5yd skeins)
2. CCT-0812 Fool’s Gold instead of DMC436 (1x 5yd skeins)
3. CCT-038 Shrimp Cocktail instead of DMC3716 (1x 5yd skeins)
4. CCT-034 Cherry Tomato instead of DMC335 (2x 5yd skeins)
5. CCT-181 Steamed Broccoli instead of DMC3347 (2x 5yd skeins)

Weeks Dye Works:
1. WDW1091 Whitewash instead of DMC5200(2x 5yd skeins)
2. WDW2264 Garnet instead of DMC3831(1x 5yd skeins)
3. WDW2136 Caribbean instead of DMC913 (1x 5yd skeins)
4. WDW2206 Pistachio instead of DMC3348 (2x 5yd skeins)

Stitch Count:143W x 190H