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The Gentle Art

Morning Glory - The Gentle Art Embroidery Floss

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10 yard skein.

The Gentle Art creates hand-overdyed, 6 strand cotton embroidery floss that gives your projects an antiqued look. The thread colors are muted; the color variations per strand are subtle. Due to the nature of overdyed threads, no two skeins are alike, and there can be considerable variation between dye lots. Please take this into consideration when purchasing overdyed threads.

Tips from TGA: Since our threads have such subtle color changes, it is possible to cross stitch the Danish method (working a row of half crosses out in one direction, then working the top half of the cross stitches on the return trip). Working an area in this method will give a more mottled appearance. For a "clearer" look, work by crossing each stitch as you go. This second method will tend to leave the thread color variations in a more striped or patched look.

For plants, we recommend working your stitches in vertical rather than horizontal rows. This makes the plant or tree trunk look like it is growing up as nature intended.